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Hello, my friend!

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Shea the Sarcastic

Christiane! How wonderful to see you still here! smiley - hug I think of you often, and also regularly pray for you and K.

I have recently gotten a new job after being unemployed for over 2 years, so I'm very excited about that! I have to say that I miss all of the free time though. I still haven't gotten all of my veggie garden in, and it's already the first day of summer! smiley - yikes

I hope that you are doing well. smiley - rose

- Shea / Barbara

Hello, my friend!

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Hi my so dear friend,
You have made my day. Sadly my eyes are really failing, so as I have a nice young Uniersity student coming to hlpe me with my computer work, I shall write tomorrow.
Much affection to you both.
alsoRan80 and K.

WPlease forgive the errors. I casnnot see to correct them. ednesday 21st june, 2011 19.40 BST

Hello, my friend!

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Shea the Sarcastic

I can certainly read your messages, never fear! smiley - biggrin

Hello, my friend!

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My very dear Shea,
I have now my "eyes" his name is Sangam and his father was born within reach of Mt. Everest as i have since the age of ten when i first read about the unsuccessful attempt by 2 climbers who's name unfortunately i have forgotten. My frienship has proved to be based on very good connections. How lovely to hear from you again that you are now to be working and inspite to be having somewhat your new gardening skills.

i Have not been a 100% recovering fast. I think i should now live to be a 100. i know i have enough work planned to keep me busy. I have just celebrated my 83rd birthday so theres 17 years left.smiley - smiley Keith is well and very happy. he lives in a group home about 80 miles away which is very far. In fact much to far for me. somehow i must work out a solution. He celebrates his 60th birthday on the 3rd of july and i am planning a family party for him. His sister, my daughter Mari Louise and her family from Perth,Australia will be here.We shall have a very happy time here. i could write to you for ages but we'll stop here now. From love to you both Christiane AKA alsoRan and Keith.smiley - biggrin

Hello, my friend!

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Shea the Sarcastic

Thank you, Sangam for being my friend's eyes. I'm sure you have a very interesting time visiting with Christiane, as she's one of the most fascinating people I've had the pleasure to "meet!"

Are you still writing your book, Christiane? I hope so, because you have so many wonderful stories!

I've settled into life here in Ohio. I'm "on the edge" of living in the country. I never felt like such a city girl before in my life! We're not exactly in the middle of farm country, but when the wind comes from a certain direction, you can catch a faint whiff of manure! smiley - biggrin

I really am very happy to have a full-time job again. Not only do we desperately need the money, but I'm back doing what I love. I was doing a bit of design work while I was unemployed, but not enough. I'm learning so much now that I'm back! And you have to love learning!

I turned 50 this year! It goes fast, doesn't it? And TJ and I are having our 9th wedding anniversary on July 6th. Did I mention how fast it goes? Seems like I got the lovely wedding card from you just last week!

I'm glad that Keith is well and happy. As I mentioned, every Sunday after Communion, I say a special prayer for you and Keith. You're always near to my heart smiley - love.

It's so wonderful to reconnect. Please stay well, my friend. smiley - hug

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Hello, my friend!

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