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Thirty journals later

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LL Waz

25 minutes until December. Xmas shopping, Xmas cards, Xmas decorations, Xmas visits then New Year is on the doorstep, the days are lengthening and spring is coming up the drive. Time flies. Dear Einstein, time is not even relatively constant, it goes quicker and quicker. Ask anyone over 40. Or anyone with minutes to go before a deadline.

Short journal to finish with, due to shortage of November minutes left. Many journals, like this one, have been a last minute rush but one or two worked out. One or two missed midnight but that's a technicality, they were all posted before my next day. The problem’s been keeping up with others’ journals and even more difficult, keeping up with conversations that develop from them.

But it's been fun writing. So the next project is a guide entry - I'll try Shropshire's Lost Wood Whites.

Thirty journals later

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I like to flirt with the midnight deadlines.

I've enjoyed your observational powers this month.

Thirty journals later

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LL Waz

smiley - laugh pressed submit on the clock's first chime, held breath as the page cccconnneccctttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd, started breathing again as it updated on the sixth chime. Why does it always take a deadline to get something done?

Thirty journals later

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LL Waz

Thank you Sol. I loved your Star and Comet ones, brought back my week of looking after a two year old niece. Chasing her all round the house every morning just to get her dressed...

Little Madam.

She graduated this summer, with prizes. Looked v grown up. But _I_ remember those chases round the dining table with a vest half on, half off.

Thirty journals later

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You can call me TC

LL Waz's journals were one of my favourites too.

Thirty journals later

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

When I grow up, I want to write a bit like LLWaz.

smiley - zen

Thirty journals later

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I'll second that. smiley - biro

Thirty journals later

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LL Waz

I'll take your smiley - biro Hyp, and raise you A2790119. And many others. That's writing.

Thank you all though smiley - blush. It is good to know people found things to enjoy.

Thirty journals later

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LL Waz

Another year, another thirty journals later, it's been good writing them. Don't know why but it has. It's harder to keep track of them in this new style h2g2 - I think I've already admitted being wrong about Shropshire's Wood Whites. But in case not, Shrophire has *not* lost its Wood Whites. Which is fantastic. I think it's Staffordshire that's lost them. Which is not so fantastic.

In 1985 they did think they were extinct here, but some colonies were found and they and their habitats are being looked after. Shropshire's not bad for butterflies. Thirty something species compared to next-door Cheshire's low teens I think. It's an eye-opener to come across a record list from the 50's though and realise how many fewer there are.

It is so sad when people do not care about a species' existence or extermination, not because they don't care but because they do not see the beauty or the fascination or the part it plays in life and that is such a deprivation. Like seeing only in black and white instead of colour.

A Wood White -> Such a mix of dopey and dainty, every woodland in England should have these gentle little butterflies. They don't want anyone's cabbages, they want a bit of sun and warmth and vetch and vetchlings, not a lot to ask for.

Thirty journals later

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Hi Waz! Thanks for writing this stuff, it's wonderful. I agree that it is very sad when people don't care for the other things on this planet. The way I see it we're all a part of each other and a part of something greater than ourselves, so when we diminish the diversity of the planet we're damaging our own souls.

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