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It's been a busy day at the orgy. Just like every day. Orgies are like that.

Here is a link that a friend sent me today -- it's one of those links where clicking an onscreen button saves some part of the planet. In this case, it's square feet of rainforest. Here's the link:

Clicking mice to save rainforests is the type of value-for-activity that I REALLY appreciate. I hope that all the clicking is really achieving what it's supposed to achieve ...

It's true that I would probably die within minutes of being left to fend for myself in a rainforest -- or anywhere actually, since I am among the world's more shiftless, irresponsible and selfhelp-challenged beings -- but I DO like creatures and I DO detest the idea that our mere presence as a species on this planet appears to be causing as much damage as whatever it was got rid of the dinosaurs (which have, we are now told, actually survived in the form of birds. It's been confirmed: dinosaurs were warm-blooded. But that as in another matter). So I don't mind clicking now and then.

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