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I found ya finally. Big place ya know? I haven't even started to look around really because I been doing other stuff but it looks cool so far and I just wanted to thank you for clueing me into this place.


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Hey cool! And as always, you leap right in and get to the controls! NOW I understand how they do it in the movies (you know ... detective enters gigantic mansion and instantly knows how to navigate around the place ...) -- they're JUST VERY SMART!!

Well anyway, I'm glad I had something interesting to introduce you to ... As you can see, I haven't exactly been very active around here ... And have you noticed what you can do with emoticons here? Just to get you started, I'll end with a smiley - smiley


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Yeah... smart as in smartass maybe... but actually it ain't that hard. All ya gotta do is put 2 and 2 together and get a whole number less than 5 but greater than 3. I got 5s and 3s up the yinyang before I finally got 4 but hey... persistance pays... not sure how much but it pays... something... maybe...

What's weird about those emoticon thangs is they jump right in as soon as I put my versions so it's like they already understand me. Actually it's spooky but I guess the geeks here already got all those thangs figured out probably.

I'm just dropping by to see what else I can find that you've done here so don't mind me... just go on with whatever you were doing because I'm just gonna inconspicuously dump all your drawers on the floor and rummage through your closets and go through your trash looking for evidence or needles or something... because I'm Nosey Lil... Private Dick... no... that's not exactly it... uh... Private Pus... oops... INappropriate... well... Private Investigatrix... ok? *emoticon goes here... see how it gets translated to theirs?* smiley - winkeye


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well sure, they have all the familiar emoticons plus a whole lotta their own ... as in the one and only ... fishie: smiley - fish ... though there are now a whole lotta OTHER fishies too.

There's not all that much here to look at. You really SHOULD go to any of the guide entries featured on the front page and rummage around THOSE drawers -- even *you* will be impressed.

And so to sleep. Night, night ...


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-- oh! And -- if you look at the left margin of the h2g2 window, you'll see a list of links in small white letters, starting with My Space. The fourth entry in that list is "Contribute". That's what you should click in order create a guide entry. It's better, really, to write even your drafts there, as a guide entry -- because you can go on and on editing the draft and refining it until you and the rest of the known Universe are sure that it's PERFECT. Then you submit it for Peer Review and chew your nails till they send you the blessed, long-awaited intimation of ACCEPTANCE AS A GUIDE ENTRY ... I am sure your item will slip into place like greased lightning, followed by the inevitable fame and fortune which goes with the territory ...

Be warned: these conversations are feisty. If you "preview" you can edit mistakes. But once you "Post" they're fixed in stone (unlike drafts of Guide Entries).

That's good to know...

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like I just figured out you can't edit journal entries either so I guess it's do a guide entry or die right?

Ah! But ...

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... did you remember to click on the "Submit for Review" button in the right column of your h2g2 home-page? You'll only see it when you've got your guide entry up on the screen. It'll only go for review if you click that button.

You won't get custom on your page unless you find ways of enticing visitors to come over to your page. The best way to do that is to visit the public areas (like the cafe and bar ... just like in real life) and join in on conversations. Also, there's always action over at the newest Guide Entries, on the front page. Leaving messages there is usually fun.

And yes, since this is Merrye Englande (h2g2, that is) you WON'T get bells or whistles telling you when there's new stuff happening on your page -- because that wouldn't be considered cool. I find it's quite good enough that any fragment of conversation you leave on someone else's pages shows up immediately on your own page, plus an indication of whether or not you've had a response to your item.

A point I should add: I used to have MUCH more material at my space, related to the Secrets, Passwords and UserName Analysis. Sadly, all the best bits vanished in the haze when h2g2 was taken over by the Beeb (BBC) so it all looks rather weird and unfinished now. But it wasn't always that way. I sort of lost interest just before the switch over because I was too busy to keep up posting stuff. Then when all that material vanished -- and it happened right around the time TCV shut shop -- so I just kinda bottomed out on the electronic life.

About your entries ... I thought it may be better to leave my reaction to them here than near the entries coz maybe you'd like to leave em pristine. So far as I know, the medieval vibrators won't make the cut coz it's a speculation, not fact.

I would say your Table Dancing is good, but I imagine it'll need editing to streamline it within the style (which is light, but at the same time, most often written in the third person and with no colloquialisms) -- I really think it could be a GREAT entry, though, if you're willing to work over it. HOWEVER, I'm NOT an editor or even a visiting Martian, so you're welcome to disregard my views, 'kay? I haven't read the current front-page, on Farts and Flatulence, but I'd guess it's a good indication of the way to go.

How about a guide entry about your tribe? Have you checked for what they have already about American Indians?

-- uh-oh, and there's lunch, steaming on the table and I've gotta go! Gsmiley - smileysmiley - smileyD Luck, M

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