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Hello everybody,

First and foremost, I have to congratulate everyone on their efforts in contributing to a new guide. This is just great.

On the other hand, I was just getting my flow again and I started putting some stuff on a website. I am however concerned about the content in question, and quite cynical about people's reactions in general. I would like to get a first opinion before going on with being foolish and doing something so hideous and disturbed as causing a lot of attention to be directed towards me, which usually tends to happen in quite a negative fashion. Anyone familiar with Douglas Adams personally should be quite aware of what I am talking about. Mostly, it would be lovely if someone could take a quick look at, tell me what they think, and well, that should be enough for me to decide whether or not to actually dwell in the unknown realms of composing a new book again. Also, I think that most of the stuff I have to say has to do with 'real life', as in, mainly stuff to do with good, evil, justice, divinity, and how to deal with life in general, which was always the idea, and was curious whether or not I could actually do that through here, or, more specifically, by contributing to the information contained here. I am aware that this website is linked to the BBC and so I am quite cynical about what could happen if I do that. However, and ironically, that would also suit me very well because it will not necessarily and directly expose my real name anywhere in particular, and so most of the unpleasant consequences coupled with expressing my opinion, which mainly manifest themselves as obscure, hideous 'wishes' that people have for me, turning me into all sorts of objects, feelings, and such, would overlook any stop signs when passing through my destiny. The last sentence should make perfect sense: it is quite unpleasant and pathetic, going through the experience of being ( has html changed or am I missing something here? please alter me! ) -'thirst', 'hunger', or say, 'sadness'. I am quite concerned with what people like Bin Laden have to say about my opinion, and especially more so about how they would react.
smiley - ale
In the meantime, please do excuse the link above. It is not an advert in any way. It is basically a little pre-taste of what I have in mind, and well, mostly similar to what I would provide if I ever did volunteer here as a researcher, for the guide, again.


Cruentos Solum,


smiley - run

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Something that should be said

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