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Hi There Kasp....

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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

Hi there Kaspthe G... Boy can you write!

A librarian ehh!

Tropical fish and a fetching pet leopard gecko. You sound a bit of an animal lover? I don't mind the sparrows,frogs,goldfish,rosy red minnows and a green tench, but the slugs and snails I'll give a miss.

How come you wrote the words for a cartoonist?

But that good, you will be able to be as pasionate about every and any subject that takes your fancy here.

Ohh yeh, I nearly forgot!.

I'm here to give you the old official h2g2 welcome. . I'm an ACE (Assistant Community Editor), and my job is to say hi... so here I am... Hi...*waves meekly*

When you have five min's, take a look at theses links, they might come in handy! - The Newcomers page - The Ace's Page.

Anyway... have a fantastic time! write some guide entries, and sing out of key as much as you like.

I'll play my Sax an octave out to keep up!!

Hi There Kasp....

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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

Please excuse my bad spelling above!!!

Eating cake and typing don't mix!!! smiley - smiley

Hi There Kasp....

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Hi I 've just sent you a message via another route.Just shows how inept I am at this kind of thing.

Hi There Kasp....

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Hi there Sid,
Please bear with me if you have already had several messages relating to interesting facts about leopard geckos.I am not at all technically minded,and this machine plainly does not like me-or it likes me so much it won't let me go.I just want to reiterate(if it did not get through in round one) "Thanks for the welcome".

Hi There Kasp....

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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

Got your messages.....all 21 of them!!

Only joking....

I'm on it mate, I'll ask around and get back to you A.S.A.P !!!

smiley - smiley

Hi There Kasp....

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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

Kasp, check your email...

I've sent you info that you may find usefull. It was sent to me when I posted your Gecko question to the other Ace's....

I expect I'll get some more soon.

Also, you might like to post your question in the 'Ask H2G2' page.
You will find it at

Just clik on discuss and ask away!!

smiley - smiley

Hi There Kasp....

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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

Sorry!!!! eating cake again (date & walnut)

This is better!!

smiley - winkeye

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