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been a long time...

it's been a while since i've checked in - not that i've lost interest, but more that i never had it in the first place. i believe that the sheer size of this endeavor prohibits having any kind of "community." in order to create any close ties, a common ground must be found, and in order to do this, there must be conversation. the vast amounts of outlets here are very daunting to the casual visitor, and although i've really enjoued my stay here, i have to admit that i am overwhelmed. there are no real ways to start and continua a conversational thread, just a few lines here and there... oh well.

i'll be back to check in from time to time, but not as often...
toodeloo for now

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Latest reply: Aug 6, 2000

It's time to clean my office. Not just tidy up, but really clean. I know this because I can no longer see my floor except for the little path that goes from the door to the plant to the 'puter.
It's not that my office is full of nasty filth, but rather it's just a big mishmash of art supplies, school books i haven't gotten around to putting on the shelves, and assorted other oddities (baby doll heads, plastic grapes, and other treasures from the craft store, tiny pokemon dolls, the latest solex cd is down there somewhere...)

so, why am i procrastinating? what is it about my clutter that makes me feel so secure? i really don't know. i do know i'd better get started now, because if i don't do it now, i probably never will. wish me luck.

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Latest reply: Jun 4, 2000

freakin hot

I've heard that this is s'posed to be the hottest summer on record, and even up here in Minnesota the summers can get pretty darn hot.
I'm not a big fan of heat; i get sluggish and cranky and hateful. My temper is pretty much unbridled (and my friends know to stay away).
Perhaps I'll spend my time in movie theaters and malls. Gah.

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Latest reply: May 4, 2000

Of orange juice and cheese

I'm a big fan of orange food - sharp cheddar cheese, the weird insides of a Butterfinger bar, orange peppers, sweet potatoes, macaroni and "cheeze", winter squash, dreamsicles, most sherbits, Bearitoes cheese puffs, and of course, oranges.
I don't really know why I seem to prefer this particular color. Sure, other colors are quite nice; the Red group contains salsa, grenadine, and hot peppers, while White has a firm grip on such delicacies as basmati rice, almond bark, and popcorn. Greens and Yellows are also pretty doable. Black foods scare me a little, especially licorice, and Blue is just plain wrong.
I remember reading somewhere that the psychology of color/food combining has become a science (or artform?), and that certain processed foods are given certain colors to get the consumer to eat more. I'm so glad a dedicated team of researchers is working day and night to tweak the color of individual-serving pudding so that I will crave it fortnightly. (Although I do have to admit that cheese puffs need to be safety cone orange for me to eat them, and that brown M&Ms really do taste better.)

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Latest reply: Apr 30, 2000

Today, the carpenter ants came...

They invaded when we got our roof redone last year, but the nasty insecticide-guy promised us that he had killed them all. Bad nasty carpenter ants. They cause me grief.

We had a guy over to measure the kitchen (new cabinets, woot!) and as soon as he stepped into the kitchen, the ants came out. Loverly. The worst thing was that I felt the need to explain "I'm really not a slob, htey came during some roof work..." in case the kitchen guy should choose to judge me by the company I keep. Damn ants.

So now I have to evacuate the cats, get the nasty chemicals sprayed around again, and hope that THIS TIME, I'll be ant-free.

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Latest reply: Apr 24, 2000

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