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been a long time...

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it's been a while since i've checked in - not that i've lost interest, but more that i never had it in the first place. i believe that the sheer size of this endeavor prohibits having any kind of "community." in order to create any close ties, a common ground must be found, and in order to do this, there must be conversation. the vast amounts of outlets here are very daunting to the casual visitor, and although i've really enjoued my stay here, i have to admit that i am overwhelmed. there are no real ways to start and continua a conversational thread, just a few lines here and there... oh well.

i'll be back to check in from time to time, but not as often...
toodeloo for now

been a long time...

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E G Mel

Hello, I just saw your journal (was lurking -> A609545 and happened to find myself here!)

Don't feel that there are too many people here, a town may be big but you can still find friends. Why not do a search for something that interests you and drop some conversations off the bottom of the researcher's space who wrote articles you enjoyed.

Alternatively join a club, there are loads to choose from, it's an instant group of friends! see A662177 for some ideas

Check out <./>thepost</.> for the latest info on the site, it's produced weekly.

<./>askh2g2</.> always has a few interesting subjects going so drop in there sometime too.

Mel smiley - hsif

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been a long time...

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