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A Million Cats...

I remember this book that I had when I was a little kid called "A Million Cats". I thought it was weird before, but I am questioning it even more lately. It is about a couple who end up with a million cats. The cats all eat each other, and there is only one left. The one left was supposedly hiding, and the couple keep that one. Of course, you would think that the cat that was left must have eaten all the others, and pretended that he was hiding. Either that or there is a really fat cat somewhere out there. I pondered this a bit when I was little. Also, could this story be trying to warn people about overpopulation? Is it true, and will China turn to cannibalism?
I don't know, but children's literature is really bizarre.

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How did they get my life story in the Onion???
Marxist Student Has Capitalist Parents:
Of course, I'm not as much for a violent revolution than I am for a Dance Dance Revolution, which would probably be slightly violent anyway since I am a really bad dancer. smiley - biggrin

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I have been forced to wear formalwear too much lately...

It is because my sister is getting married. Luckily, I don't have to be a bridesmaid or anything like that, but wedding planning really sucks! The actual wedding is on July 28th. Of course, there has been bridal showers and all that. I think that most families have only two, we have three, but here in 2008 there is no such thing as a regular family. In fact what would have been considered a regular family 40 years ago would probably be considered really bizarre now. Well, anyway, if you have been to a bridal shower, you probably know that they really aren't that exciting. All the gifts are home related, and have already been registered for by the bride. I usually think of bridal showers as really sexist, even though I'm not some wacko feminist or anything. Why, you may ask? They think that women actually find that interesting. Why can't they force the men to go too? There was some really good cupcakes there, thoughsmiley - silly. Well, my little rant is over (for the moment), but I'm sure I will find more to complain about once I've worn uncomfortable clothes and had to talk to relatives that I'm sure that I am supposed to recognise but don't.

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This is a pretty good link:
smiley - biggrin

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Happy birthday to me!

Yay! I'm just glad that I'm not an old person yet, and can still enjoy birthdays! smiley - cake

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