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Back on H2G2

After a few years I found my way back to H2g2.

At the moment I am a proudly father of two daughters, who have the age of 4 and 2 years.

I am glad to be back and meet old friends.

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Becoming a daddy

I am a little excited. I am soon to be a daddy, it can be born any day now.
smiley - smiley
It's hard now to concentrate on work and other things, just waiting for my phone to ring, and my wife telling me she is in labour.

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Voted out

As I expected the watchers voted me out of BB. Also Rama has to leave. It was fun to join this experiment and I know I will miss it.
I wish all the luck to the remaining three in BB and hope that they will keep us entertained.

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another escape attempt failed

We tried to escape again, we failed again! The maid-bot Rosa was activated by d'Elaphant and set to high speed, in her hands several tiki-torches. Rosa blew up the front door with the torches, but BB managed to get there a repair crew in time.

We did see somethin of the outside world though, among other things the donut stall.

Allthough this attempt failed, we don't give up that easily..........

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other task

The new taks BB gave us was a hard one. We had to prepare a 5 course dinner. smiley - smiley It seems we have made it but it was hard work. So now we are enjoying our selfprepared 5 course meal in the garden. smiley - cheers

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