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OK. A journal entry then. (Interesting, must be interesting.) Well, I just auditioned for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and didn't get a role. Not too bothered. Don't think I could really keep up a southern US accent for that long. Was nice to try out a role like that and always good practice to audition. Plus the director gets to see you and what you can do. That's always good for the future.

I've just finished Dial M for Murder where I played Inspector Hubbard. That was fun but a lot of hard work and long hours. On the whole I can look back and say I did a good job. It was well received and the audience feedback was good. It was my first big role and I think I handled it pretty well.

With no new project on the immediate horizon I have the freedom to start something myself. I feel like writing a screenplay for a short film. Let's see how that goes...

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