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Latest reply: Mar 15, 2001

The Ball

Oh Hell Yeah, our senior ball was last night. I don't remember all too much though. I swear to god I didn't drink though. Anyways, I didn't have a date, as I waited till too late to ask anyone, so I went stag. Our Limo didn't have any A/C, she wouldn't let us drink or smoke anything... including cigars, or cigarettes (not that I woulda smoked the latter of the two if I had the chance). Afterwards I went to the party and got soooo shitty, but I didn't drink anything (you figure it out) well... gotta go... talk to y'all later.


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Don't expect any updates in the next 2 weeks, I won't be near a computer to update the page as I'll be in Myrtle Beach for the week (well I will, but the IE is all screwed up and you can't go on the WWW, but you can log in to check mail, etc.) well I gotta go, time to go pack!

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Today is senior skip day <"We don't need no education" starts playing in the background> and my mom (the bitch that she is) won't let me skip. She says that if I skip, I can't go to Myrtle Beach (Oh yeah, did I mention we're going to Myrtle Beach for Easter?) All my friends are over at Weatherall's house playing Bond and I'm stuck in school doing absolutely nothing, not even drinking Absolute! Well I gotta go, class is starting (well not really cause we're not holding classes as NO ONE IS HERE!!!

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Tonight at work (McDonald's) our manager (Engels42) called out sick due to a lung infection, so we had to have a manager from a neighboring store come in. The problem is that an hour and a half later, he still wasn't there. And so I told my store manager that I would close the store for her so that she didn't have to close and then open (it stinks, I've done it before). I figured she'd blow me off, and just laugh at it, but amazingly she took me seriously, which means that she trusts me enough to run my own shift. Does this mean that there's a posssible promotion at hand for me to key holder or maybe even manager? (key holders are basically managers in training, they run they're only left alone in the store for an hour though). I'm not saying anything is definite, or even probable, but it is possible, and I'm kinda hoping that it does, as I need money for college next year, and with the wages I make right now, I'm going to have to get another job to work during the day this summer, and possibly work nights at the Mac, but I really don't want to leave my friends (Jeff, Joe, Mike, Mike (no that's not a typo, there's 2 mikes), Jason, and of course, T-bone) so I'm hoping that I get promoted. (you'll have to excuse me if any of that is confusing as I'm extremely tired right now, I just worked a 8 1/2 hour shift, and I had school and college tonight, so I'm completely exhauted)

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Latest reply: Apr 15, 2000

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