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important poetry

Sunglasses and ski masks and rings made of bone
A tusk of a llama, foreskin of a gnome
Rocky reptiles and otters and fish
Dinah my dear and the Grinch with the lisp

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Latest reply: Mar 23, 2000


Today, the G3 on my desk at work was setup for the internet. I downloaded Netscape 4.7 at 600k/second. YES!

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Latest reply: Mar 15, 2000

an email from alaska

This email was received today:

Dude, Web TV sucks big, sweaty, jungle gorilla sack and nuts!! I just want to explore around h2g2 and this shit bag thing won't let me. I am registered and have my personal page all set up. But, there is so much info and options that I need to researh to get accquainted. So, I went to DONT'T PANIC and found all my question there but, when I click on them this Web chee-z just sits there like a car out of gas. It is really pissing me off. I can't find the difference between a journal entry, and a guide entry? I can't find out how to make a guide entry. I don't know if or how people see my home or personal page. It's a bummer, I am PANICKED!! Help me!!!!
-Reiker Rooter, Phd.

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Latest reply: Mar 14, 2000

Magazine Subscriptions

I poened (actually opened, but that just looked better...) my mailbox today, and was assaulted by about 6 periodicals to which I subscribe (dentoed by an "*", either by choice or by gift from my subscription company. A list of my subscriptions:

Golf Tips
Playboy (look at the pics, but I buy for the articles)
US News, yadda yadda
Rolling Stone
Stereo Review
Entrepreneur *
Entrepreneur's start up *
Car and Driver *
Road and Track *

Other magazines I'll pick up on occasion:
various porn (!)

The Metro times also fills a void in my reading life.

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Latest reply: Mar 13, 2000


Good Morning Vietnam on the TV, my knee jumping up and down.

Can't wait till summer.

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