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Natural History Museum

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Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

Hi Neugen Amoeba,

I have just opened a Natural History Museum at and I wanted to ask you two things.

Firstly, are you happy to be in the museum (you only have to stand still when there are visitors)? Secondly, may I link from your name in the museum to your Space?

Amy the Ant smiley - smiley

Natural History Museum

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Neugen Amoeba

Link me up.

Single celled life forms rule!

Natural History Museum

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Fern the Firelizard

Excellent! And I know that Roasted Amoeba would agree.

Natural History Museum

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Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

The Natural History Museum is taking shape. I have designed a logo for it and I hope you will display it on your user page. Here is the code for the logo and links for GuideML pages. It can be modified for HTML pages by changing the LINK tags to HTML anchors.

The H2G2 Natural History Museum
You can find me in the H2G2 Natural History Museum run by Amy the Ant.

{{{BIG HUG}}}

smiley - smiley

Amy the Ant

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