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John Denver
Rocky Mountain High
Season Suite - Spring
(Denver- Taylor- Kniss)

"Open up your eyes and see the brand new day,
the clear blue sky and brightly shining sun.
Open up your ears and hear the breezes say,
Everything that's cold and grey is gone.
Open up your hands and feel the rain come on down,
face the wind and smell the flowers sweet perfume.
Open up your mind and let the light shine in.
The Earth has been reborn and life goes on...

And do you care what's going on around you?
Do your senses know the changes when they come?
Can you see yourself reflected in the seasons?
Can you understand the need to carry on?

Riding on the tapestry of all there is to see,
so many ways, and oh so many things.
Rejoycing in the differences,
There's noone just like me.
Yet, as different as we are we're still the same.

And, Oh, I love the life within me,
I feel a part of every thing I see.

And, Oh, I love the life around me,
A part of everything is here in me."

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Um, point?



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Blue Chips

Blue corn tortilla chips.

Green hot salsa.

Hot dogs with 0% meat.

Taboule salad.

These are some of the things I live for, oh, and maybe a can of Budweisel.
(this is not an implied endorsement of beer, which rots your brain almost as fast as your liver, but if you got spare time(beer, liver, brain cells) what the hell?)

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Capitalization and other rules of fine writing practice

Anyone who has read some of the things I've written will notice that i frequently do not capitalize my name or i. I do this sometimes because i don't really see the point. I do however normally capitalize the first word of a sentance, i do not know why this is done but, i have a guess. I do think that this may annoy some readers, so I try to follow the rules in the forums.
I also tend to misspell wordes, sometimes i just like the aesthetic appeal f the mistake, but as often I don't realize and I don't use a spell checker.
Does this subject warrant an entry,,, i'm beginning to think not.

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Have you ever been thinking of something, and think of something totally unrelated that makes you crack up laughing? I do this often. I know this isn't funny but to me, but that makes me laugh anyway, I laugh at things that arn't even remotely funny. I hope my last words are a laugh, or maybe a cheesy grin...

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