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I'd like to thank the Little People

My first Accepted Entry has been recently made such by the editors, and I'm quite happy about the matter. I haven't been on the computer as of late but I look foward to getting my mobile guide!!

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Is it possible

that there could exist somewhere, lets say hypothetically on the surface of a star, a being that, due to its high octane life style, could be hyperintelligent; able to predict all the events to ever occur on a simple life infested planet just by using the statistical chance and presuming all the possible outcomes?

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I like stuff, lots of stuff. I love liking stuff. I think it's funny. I love thinking funny stuff. Some stuff is not as funny. I like that stuff too. That stuff makes me appreciate stuff more. Appreciation could be stuff,
I'm not sure.

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Spring (Copyright RCA)

I was tinking about the entry I did yesterday where I quoted the John Denver song 'Spring'. Does anyone think it is a copyright infringement even though I gave credit to the writers? I think that I should have also included the fact that the copyright belongs to RCA, which I forgot to do. Since this will hopefully show up right near the other, I hope it makes up for the possible infraction. And, for any record exec's or bigwig lawyers I give my sincerest apologies, a single finger salute and a smile.

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I like old records, I think I just like old stuff, but something in the imperfection of records appeals to me. I have few albums but the one I listened to the most was Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Rust Never Sleeps.

But, tonite I was stumbling about in the basement and came across a box of records. In it among other greats was John Denver. I recently saw a tv program made shortly before he was killed in a plane crash. It was so inspirational how he was so in touch with nature. They showed him with a guide lying in a herd of elk, being careful not to make noise and frighten them. The herd passed on either side within yards of them. And there was a couple whom he had written a real emotional song for them, and played it for them in their cabin in Alaska. It was so beuatiful.

Finding this small treasure amongst the practical garbage that inhabits my house's basement made me feel very optimistic. Somehow I relate this to some of the little things people do or draw or write that they may feel is unappreciated. Really, just like a record in a box in the basement that has been sitting there for years, maybe one day someone will find it, and it will make that person happy.

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