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Stoopid cable connection.

I don't know what's going on. It's just been extremely slow for the last 48 hours.

Maybe the ****-****** guys are punishing me for being a tad late with my bill...

I think I shall stop sending them money, as it obviously just draws attention to me.

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Tonic water has quinine in it!

No wonder I feel so good...

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Law & Order

That's a great show. Man. I'm loving the A&E reruns. I musta seen all of 'em at least a dozen times. I still love that show.

Oh. By the way. 300 channels and NOTHING ELSE GOOD IS ON!!!


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Cold turkey.

What an odd expression. I don't feel like a turkey. And not particularly cold, either. In fact, due to the product that I've "Cold Turkeyed" I'm actually quite hot and uncomfortable.

What have I quit, you may ask? Not smoking, not yet. Soon.

No. I've quit drinking soda pop.

No Pepsi. No Dr. Pepper. No Mountain Dew Code Red. Not even the ikky diet stuff. (ewww. I hate fake sugar...)

So, in order to get my carbonation fix, I've begun drinking club soda. Ingredients? Carbonated water (ok), sodium bicarbonate (salt?), sodium citrate (more salt?), potassium sulfate (preservative), and disodium phosphate (What the hell? Could that be even more salt? Any chemistry majors on site to help me out here?).

Hmmm. Maybe I should go back to the plain old Coke thing...

On a related note, I'm also trying to loose weight. I refuse to starve myself (I think that looking like a fence post is unsexy, anyway...) but I'm trying to cut down on the junk food. So, when I got my aforementioned club soda this morning, I also got a Tiger's Milk bar.

Now, I've been eating those things for years. I like 'em. But for the first time today, I actually read the ingredients on the wrapper. First one out of the bag?

High fructose corn syrup. Sugar sugar sugar ARRR NUMMM NUMMMM NUMMMM.

Wonderful. So I guess the "America's first Health Bar" thing on the front is just so much poo.

New tag line? "It's healthy because we say it is!"

I like my husband's theory. In Los Angeles, everyone seems to be of the opinion that if it comes out of a blender, it's healthy food. The solution to this sillyness? Blend up a few bacon cheeseburger smoothies and hey presto!

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Can't talk.

Playing The Sims.

Ok, maybe I can talk for just a little bit...

Finally got my marriage licence in the mail, and now I can officially be Mrs. Charles Luther Byers. smiley - smiley Yay! Now, all I gots to do is go stand in line at the DMV and Social Security offices for about 5 days and get it officially official.

And may I just say that I hate my job and the people I work with are total weeners? I may? Good. 'Cuz they are. I get my breaks last, I do all the grunt work while everybody else stands around and slacks off, and my boss has absolutely NO sense of humor. His idea of a junny joke is to tell you what a worthless human being you are, and to tease you unmercifully about your job skills, or lack thereof. Jerks jerks jerks!

Anyhow. I've got new friends! A couple of my buddies from the Brunching UBB are joining H2G2. YAY! Those brunchers are wacky and fun fun fun. There's a link up top somewhere... so go visit!

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