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This journal is in a state of disuse.

That is probably because I have a blog. So, if you for some reason want to see what has been running through my mind lately, go visit there. the URL is:

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Latest reply: Jun 5, 2003

I'm Back!!!


I have a fully functioning computer and the credits have rolled on the soap opera thaty my life had turned, im not going to explain it'd give me carpal tunnel syndrome typing that much anyhow...

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Latest reply: Jul 6, 2002

Further adventures in computerless internet access

Well yay. Still no comp of my own (tho one does appear to be looming on the horizion) Right at this moment I am using a comp in the midst of being upgraded. The hard drive is lying on its side at my feet, all of the innards exposed, and I'm using the side of the tower to support the keyboard and mouse on my lap. It's making a horrible metallic rattling with every letter i type, and the keyboard is definitly trying to escape and go visit the hard drive on the floor.
Also, the mouse cord keeps snagging under the keyboard whenever I try to click. AAARRRGGGHHH.
This is the most ergonomically unsound setup I've ever met.

o well.

On the bright side, I realized that I've had my tree frog, Edgar, for seven (yes seven) years now. He's the Lazarus Long of tree frogs. Pretty good for something that's supposed to have a lifespan of three years or so. (I'm guessing that other frogs fall victem to irresponsible owners)

Also, I have aquired a kitten. Since he has been a little monster, I was forced to name him Ghengis. (and no, he's not going to be a problem for the frog...cats only like things that move, which Edgar almost never does)

well, as the pig said, thats all folks.

smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Dec 24, 2001

Never mind the trouble with my lifestyle...It's my computor that's got problems...

Really big in it don't work no more... I should have a new one soon, but for now I'm reduced to bumming comp time off my friends... so if you've been wondering what's become of me, that's what...

Oh well, life goes on....

smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Nov 20, 2001


I seem to be having some problems with my lifestyle.....

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Latest reply: Jan 14, 2001

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