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Buff attempts poetry under the influence of insomnia

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I will as soon as I find time to.

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Buff attempts poetry under the influence of insomnia

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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

Hi, Buff!
As for not making sense, the same insane fiend who told me about the peas gave me this print out of some equally odd poems, Unfortunately no name included, but if anyone recognises them I'll credit it. Oh well, here goes:

"as different as chalk and cheese they say
but there's plenty of things
More different than these.
A blade of grass
and glass dungarees
for instance."

This is about people getting their bit at the expence of everybody else. The background is the intensification of privatisation and personal isolation: the reflector spectecles that make the wearer inscrutaple, the-one-person-operated buses where drivers are too busy to communicate, the no-person-operated cash points and the prevalence of video - a significantmove towards private consumption away from the shared experience of network television, with video libraries outnumbering public libraries. The depletion of public libraries and public corporations takes THE WORD public out of circulation and subsequently diminishes the significance of THE IDEA.

That's the prologue, this is the poem:

"Once, when I sat on the tube
This bloke sat next to me,
and pushed my elbow of the armrest."

You ask me how I'm feeling
I'm afraid I must confide
I not exactly full of beans
I've just seen a suicide.
And I could have stopped it too
but I was far too slow
And the one who dropped and copped it: I know.
...or, rather, knew...
only too well.
I'm feeling pretty low
My dog just jumped from the seventh floor window.


"I remember Louton
as I'm swallowing my crout'n"

Clive smiley - winkeye

Buff attempts poetry under the influence of insomnia

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Nice! smiley - smiley Thanks.

Here's another I've just now made up.

Ghost voices on the radio
Dead men on TV
Preserved eternally for future refrence
Mass media entemology
Fregments of lives in blocks of lucite
Emotions spread on velvet
Irridescent, like butterfly wings

Ok, so this one actually makes sense. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

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Buff attempts poetry under the influence of insomnia

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Clive the flying ostrich: Amateur Polymath | Chief Heretic.

The 'dead men on T.V', struck a chord. A few nights ago channel 3 broadcast an old recording of a celebrity performance with the comedian , Billy Conolly, (Scottish, very funny.) It must have been very old because a number of people who were sitting in the audience were either very young (ie. not like they are now), past celebs or lots of dead people. (they weren't dead at the time of course, for that would have been really unfortunate.) I recognised Brian Glover (Over here he used to do the voice-over for the Tetly tea bags ads.) He was also the grumpy prison warden in Alien 3. There was Greg Kinnear (I think it was Greg, I'm not sure. Might have been Rob,it was a long time ago, He was in "One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing - he died when he fell of his horse filming a scene for "The Four Muskateers" There were others as well, I think I spotted Donald Plesance at the back.

Re-reading your poem it kinda sums up how that felt seeing them again:

"Ghost voices on the radio
Dead men on T.V
Preserved eternally for future reference
Mass media entemology."

I'm not sure if that was quite the reading you intended but nevertheless, it worked on me.

All the best (how's the summer maths course going?)
Clive smiley - smiley

Buff attempts poetry under the influence of insomnia

Post 25


That's pretty much what I was thinking. I saw young Elvis on some movie channel, and started thinking. Plus I had just been listening to the local classic rock station.
With old music and movies it's like even if the people you see are still alive, they are not the person they were then. Like when you hear some song written about something that happened 30 years ago, and all of the emotion that the singer put into it is long gone, and he probably dosen't even remember how it was anymore.

*abrupt subject change*

I think I've gotten on top of the math. But now I have to work really hard to stay there. But my final exam for this class is on July 13, so I really only have another couple of weeks. Yay!

Bye now smiley - smiley

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