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errrrmm.... 'ello

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Do you know what a convoluted route I had to go through to get here?

Anywho, I'm here now... sooooo, whats up with this crazy forum?

Annnnnnnnddddd now I gotta go....


P.S Oh, what! No shifty eyed smiley in this place!? *grumble,grumble*

errrrmm.... 'ello

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what the 'ell? who tou talkin' about? smiley - rocket i cant remember any others...

errrrmm.... 'ello

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Meet me in Monatana.

I'm a coming baby... smiley - run

errrrmm.... 'ello

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Soaring Kite

i don't thinnk so C it'll be a waste of time and i'm athiest(sp)so i won't mean anythingsmiley - aliensmile

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