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war continued

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why do Americans pronounce everything wrongly?..losing the point...anywho i think that was a good choice that was made by the mainland European governments, not so good desicions made by the british governments, the reason i think that is that many of my fellow countrymen have been K.I.A or killed by friendly fire (mainly the gun crazed Americans)

wars generally don't solve things an example is Iraq or the war on terrorists because the wars just seem to be ecsalating. in my opinion the british government should take their deployment out of Iraq to stop losing good men in a friutless war. the reason for most wars re-occuring is the want for revenge on the country that attacked them.

why do American boast about being in the war against the vietming(actual name,fake name=vietcong)? they lost not something to boast about,unless you don't understand the reason for boasting. reason bieng to make people feel bad for losing not for making people feeling good because they lost...utter stupidity.

war should be abolished if you disagree then leave me a message they are welcomesmiley - aliensmile

smiley - sorry if this offended any Americans this is thruthful

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war continued

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