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It's President's day in the US, and the Board of Ed, in all it's benevolence (SAT words still haunt me, and it has been a year since I took that @%#&* test) has given us the week off. This now gives me a chance to forget about just about everything school related, and have conversations with friends that in no way shape or form revolve around homework, teachers we hate, or the college process (Details on that are lurking around the guide somewhere). I also have an opportunity to start working on my first guide entry. smiley - smiley I will get started as soon as I can find an interesting topic that hasn't alredy been covered.

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Feb. 14th 2000

It's Valentines Day (big surprise), and I made a promised myself that I would not allow myself to be bitter and single this year. The results? Well, at least I'm not bitter.

The day started out poorly, but I didn't let it dampen my spirits too much. Believe you me, that's no small order. Let me recap my morning commute. This morning served to strengthen my faith in Murphy's law. It was rainy and cold this morning, and there is nothing more depressing than New York streets in the rain, in the morning. Everything is grey. The sidewalks, the storefronts, everything turns grey in the rain.
Well, I wait fifteen minutes for my bus without an umbrella, mind you. Needless to say, the bus doesn't come. I do the only thing I can do. I stick out my hand to hail a cab to take me to the nearest train station. I go to school in the Bronx, and most city cabs couldn't navigate to save their lives. Do I see ay taxi cabs? Of course not. So, I walk. I reach the train platform just in time to see the doors of my train closing. Five minutes later, the next train pulls in, and I board it. When I finally reach my stop, I get off, and descend the stairs to the street. The steps at the station were very slick. As I near the bottom, my foot slipa, and I twist my ankle. If these events were omens, boy am I in trouble. Oh well, I've survived the my day so far. I'm just hoping that the rest of it will stay on keel.

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First Entry

Oh, how exciting!

I haven't kept any kind of journal since the sixth grade. I'll try to be better about keeping this one then I did back then. I used to apologize to my diary. There were a string of entries that began like this. "Dear diary, I'm so sorry I haven't written in a month. I've been really busy. Here's what has happened since I last wrote.." I start to talk about something that had happened recently, and then realize that in order for the entry to make sense, you'd have to understand the people involved, and other events that had happened a week or so prior. At that point, I'd get tired of writing. I would then say something along the lines of "I'll explain the rest tomorrow. Gotta go!"
Did I ever explain anything? Of course not. However, I'm older, wiser, and will try my best to update my entries every week or so.

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