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I know this post is going to sound as if I'm completely ignorant. Well, when it comes to any kind of computer formatting, well... I am quite ignorant. I have absolutely no clue how to manipulate HTML, XTML, anything! I took one look at the "view source" option on my browser, and nearly went into cardiac arrest. Where can I learn the very basics (VERY, VERY basics) about building any kind of website? Information written in basic English would be preferable. I feel like I'm trying to speak a language without knowing the alphabet.


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Have you clicked on the don't panic in the upper left corner of the screen? There's lots of stuff on GuideML. I should probably know, though- were you looking to learn the basics of HTML or XML as a markup language for any site or just h2g2? I have to admit that my own understanding of HTML and XML is limited.. I sat in on a tutorial a friend of mine was taking for HTML, but I don't remember the specifics. Stop by my site and see if that's what you were looking for.

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