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Bogus login name shenanigans

OK so I haven't been in for a while. Apparently I am supposed to buy it that I can login but then I have to update my details and get told that someone else is using my login name. Oh really? How did you know it was me then? Could it possibly be just that my old login name has only six characters and you now want at least seven? I think it could.

This sort of lazy error condition handling is pretty common in login scripts. Just try creating, say, a HotMail account without any digits in it like hotbananaelbow and its a fairly safe bet that it will claim that that user name is already in use, why not try hotbananaelbow64 instead? Yeah, 'cos at least sixty-three other people have already asked to be called hotbananaelbow. No really. I really believe you.


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Articulated Pigeon Carrier

When I did my shopping this morning an articulated lorry dedicated to the carriage of racing pigeons drove by. "For all your bulk pigeon transportation needs" presumably.

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Guess That Tune!

How feasible would a Guess That Tune contest be?

I would, for instance, go

Thr-thr-threh thr-thr thr-thr thr-thr-threh thr-thr thr-thr,
Thr-thr-threh thr-thr thr-thr thr-thr-threh thr-thr thr-thr,
Dyeh dyehdeh dyehdeh dadeh deh,
Dyeh dyehdeh dadeh danah danehnaneh,
Danehna neh neh nehna neh

and Another would have to guess the song title.

Too easy, I suppose.

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Shelob's back, and this time it's personal

The main thing about Shelob's contribution to h2g2 is that it's small. Really, really small. You might think your mobile phone is small, but that's absolutely enormous compared to Shelob's contribution to h2g2.

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