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Feb. 10, 2K

Everyone wish a very Happy Birthday to my father. Thanks. I have managed to injure myself playing 2 hand touch football with my friends. ?????? Oh well. Guess what I get to do on Friday night..go ahead...guess.......NO I'm sorry you're wrong...I get to go get two shots!!!! Yeah , that's my idea of a great time. My math teacher is such a bitch. That's all folks.

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Feb. 4, 2K

Well I just got my SAT scores by phone...1220 pretty damn good I think for being 16. BIG BIG paper for science due on Mon. so I won't have much free time this weekend...SIGH. What can you do???

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Feb.1, 2K

Back at school...oh well. That would mean back to the droll days of straggling from one class to another...sleeping in Math. Makes me happy just thinking about it...sigh. More to come this weekend!!!!!!!

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January 29, 2K

Today I endevered to venture outside into the frozen landscape of my backyard. Um toto, I don't think we are in Georgia anymore. A massive storm swept through our area, it was supposed to dump snow...well, just see the post from yesterday, you'll understand. The storm brought ice to the state...Yippiieee!! well...maybe not. the rain was coming in spurts, and I needed some pictures for a photography class.
I stepped out. I let the dogs out of the garage into their pen. Astonishing. Rain had started to fall and it was freezing to my glasses. Terrific, but I need to get some pictures. By the time I got the pics, put the dog's back up, and came inside, my glasses no longer provided any visual correction whatsoever. They held the appearance of beveled glass. Pretty, but cold on my face. Thank Zark for hot water out of the tap.

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January 28, 2K

Let me tell you about weather forecasters(especially Atlanta).
The are usually wrong. Earlier this week, they said that a storm was coming in and it was going to dump about 5 inches on West Ga. Well, after very little snow today, and now the freezing rain/sleet falling outside the window, I cannot help but convey my dislike for weathermen.

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