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Feb 29th... Proposals!

Well, so far, not a single proposal of marriage... smiley - sadface Maybe its because I don't have a girlfriend... I just don't know.

Talking of girlfriends, if you are passing and thing "Wow, this chap sounds fantastic, I'd love to go out with him(!)", feel free to leave me a message! I'm a very sexy (ha ha!) 21 year old geezer... trust me, you'd love me! smiley - smiley

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Just signed up!

I signed up today after reading about this site in .net magazine! I'm really looking forward to writing for the guide!

I was reading about the WAP version of this site for those funky new mobile phones... h2g2 in your pocket... sounds great! I'm tempted to get myself one of these fantastic new phones now, just for the guide!! smiley - smiley

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