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Wow, i should really write more here.

Well i'm not an ACE anymore, and my page is looking really empty. But with Ian, Archery, Optometry (probably in that order too smiley - smiley ), I haven't got the time like I used to, to meet'n'greet people. Hopefully when this year is over I can come back and enjoy this site as much as I used to.


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Well It's finally here

Finally after a year of umming and ahhring my article is finally on the front page. What the hell will I write next? Answers on a postcard to this diary entry

SallyM smiley - smiley

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Summer in the IOW Entry 1

Well I'm here in the IOW, been here almost 3 weeks now and have had a great time. smiley - smiley

I drove down on the 24th June. Didn't get lost once !!!!!smiley - wow, even though I thought I would in Basingstoke. Before all those who have a sense of geography and realise that Basingstoke is miles off my route, I stopped in Henley-on-Thames to visit my Aunty Nicky. smiley - tongueout

Got to the ferry at the best time as I had to wait about 5 mins before starting to board, luckily I didn't have to do any weird driving onto the top deck or anything. Got to the harbour and went straight to the bar for something very cold to drink. smiley - oj

I started work the next day, Monday. I really like Specsavers smiley - bigeyes and I'm having a really good time, of course work is work and I still can't get up in the mornings no matter where I'm living. Only thing is that I've had a few remakes. One due to me being really stupid and writing down somthing wrong. But the others are problems with varifocal heights and pupil distances which my boss thinks may be something to do with the large amounts of prism smiley - cdouble in my prescription. I'm just worried that I'm being sloppy with the heights, but I think they were right when I measured them. Oh I don't know I just don't want them all to think I'm useless, I want to make a good impression as I might want to go back in the future smiley - headhurts. Only 227 days of work placement left to go. I did find out that I got a 70.8 average for my theory part of my course (a distinction)smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin. I will be phoning up later to see if I'm on the shortlist for optometry.

What else have I done? Well not much really. I'm starting a study on the ice cream vans of the IOW which is probably about somewhere once I've transfered it to the guide. Me and Boz (my fella - don't ask why he's called Boz I don't know) seem to go for a trip to an ice cream van every sunday. Might also add a personal opinion on the tourist spots of the island. Wait in hope smiley - smiley

Apart from that I've been going occasionally to the Bistro smiley - stiffdrink(the harbour's bar) and reading the vast quantities of books that I brought with me - I'm going to start Lord of the Rings so I've read it before the film comes out.

That's about it for now, will try to keep you updated as the weeks go by.

SallyM smiley - smiley

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BUSA Outdoors

Went to the British University's Sports Association Outdoor Archery Tournament yestereday. Did a lot better than I thought i'd do as I've not been shooting outdoors much recently.
I got 490 on a Windsor round (3 dozen at 60/50/40 yrds). It is out of 972 if you wanted to know. I'll have to check my score but I could be part of the way towards my 3rd Class Bowman badge, you never know.
Well I'm off in an hour so I'd better get sorted. See you in September.

Have Fun

SallyM smiley - smiley

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Exams finally over

Well I had my final practical yesterday. Think it went OK, not sure about the frame materials though. Just sat there going erm... not sure... think it is...

Well I'll find out in august.

SallyM smiley - smiley

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