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A very delayed welcome, AlistairL!

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

Hello AlistairL, welcome to h2g2! I'm fords, one of the Assistant Community Editors (ACE) and I'm your offical welcomer smiley - smiley

Now, there are many weird and wonderful things to see and do on h2g2, but instead of bombarding you with information I have compiled a useful guide at A811874 which will help you to get acquainted with the site, make your Personal Space all pretty and introduce you to the wonderful world of the h2g2 smiley and GuideML - the Guide's very own markup language which comes in very useful for writing Guide entries and creating a great Personal Space.

A word of warning though - this site is very 'sticky' and you will be sucked into many forums, clubs, conversations, virtual pub crawls...!

Any questions? smiley - dontpanic - simply reply to this message and I'll be more than happy to help smiley - biggrin

Oh, and just out of interest - whereabouts do you live? smiley - smiley

A very delayed welcome, AlistairL!

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Where do I live? It might be in a place called Mid Calder, West Lothian, UK..

A very delayed welcome, AlistairL!

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

Blimey, what kept you? smiley - winkeye

I'm in Grangemouth myself so not too far away from ya. Seeing as you're a fellow Scot you might fancy joining the Scottish Researchers group? It's at A599376smiley - cheers

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