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Exams and a date

I found out that the OU will no longer be using the cricket ground as an examination centre. I find this to be doubly disappointing because, not only will I no longer be able to gaze across the flat, green field as I ponder, but my next exam will also be my final OU exam. It will also be for my Shakespeare module and I feel that looking out at a cricket field is perfect for pondering Shakey. But perhaps I'm odd?

Which leads me to the date. I kind of met a girl last week and we texted each other all week and arranged to meet last night. We went out for dinner and chatted (very much in a getting to know each other type way.) I think it went ok. I wasn't shy and quiet like I often am but then, when I try not to be quiet and shy, I talk for the sake of talking and I think I'm probably boring! I didn't mention hootoosmiley - winkeye or minesweeper (I'm in the world top 750 smiley - geek) but I'm really starting to think that I'm just a boring person. It's too early to say but I doubt I'll hear from her again. I don't think I'm boring once you get to know me but it seems to me that people don't want to get to know me because they think I'm boring smiley - doh

It looks like my next exam will be at the MK Dons football stadium; I'll let you know whether I get another date!smiley - ok

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Exams time again

Hello smiley - smiley

I was back at the cricket ground for another exam this morning and it was a very pleasurable three hours. There's something about the peace & quiet and focus of exams that I really enjoy. I kept writing up to the end but whether or not my ramblings will turn into marks I can't be sure of until the results are posted.

It did strike me that it's a sorry state of affairs when the only real contentment I've had for over a month is sitting in an exam hall but each to his own and be grateful for small mercies.

Oh, and I have another three hour exam at the cricket ground tomorrow afternoon smiley - magic

Toodle pip,
Van smiley - cheers

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I had an operation on Tuesday and I must say that it was a strange experience. My check-in time was 7.30 am which was a bit of a shock to the system but I made it on time. There must have been about 12 of us in the day surgery waiting area and I'm sure I was the last to get called through but I had an Agatha Christie book to read so I wasn't fussed (and as the sun rose, it shone in through the window which gave the place a cheery feel.) I went through at about 8.30 and had my blood pressure taken, my ankles measured and answered some questions but then went back to the waiting area to fill in my anaesthetic form. About forty minutes later, I got called back through and put my gown on and my DVT stockings (hence the ankle measuring) and waited in my cubicle (reading more Agatha.)

Not long after, the anaesthetist came in went through my form with me and asked me a few questions. Most of the questions on the form were do you/have you ever suffered from x? One of them was heartburn; are there really people out there who have never suffered from heartburn- not even once? But I digress. He said that because I was male and a smoker, I was less likely to have bad after effects from the anaesthetic. Finally I've found a good thing about smoking! smiley - winkeyesmiley - biggrin

At about 10 o'clock, a gorgeous theatre technician came in and said they were ready for me. She checked a few things and put the ECG leads on my chest and then I was wheeled in to the Anaesthetic room. Everyone was very friendly and we had a chuckle as a poor med student tried (for the first time ever) to insert a cannula into my hand. She almost got it in properly too bless her- she was more nervous than I was by a long streak! They injected a painkiller into a newly (and properly) inserted cannula and then the anaesthetic and smiley - zzz I vaguely remember an oxygen mask and being told to take deep breaths but that could have been when I was coming round. It was very strange to "lose" time like that.

In recovery, I woke up a few times when the nurse took my blood pressure but managed a few hours sleep. When I woke up properly I was a bit sore but the nurse was very kind and I had some smiley - tea and toast and then it was time for my sister to come and collect me. My first ciggie in ten hours was delightful and I was still nicely smiley - bigeyes from the painkillers and anaesthetic.

I am still quite sore (I have a 2 inch open wound in my butt!!) but the painkillers and a few smiley - ales are helping. Sitting comfortably can be tricky so it brings a whole new meaning to being smiley - online2longsmiley - laugh

Van smiley - cheers

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Exams time

Well, I don't actually have to sit exams this year but I have two End-of-course Assessments (ECAs). The ECA for one course is a 3000-word essay. The ECA for the other course is a 600-word essay, eleven short-answer questions (about 1300 words) and a report of an experiment I have designed and tested. I think I'd prefer exams! smiley - yikes

I have taken the next two weeks off work so that I can re-read things and write the assignments so I may not be around much for the rest of the month. Not that you'll notice the difference as I'm rubbish at keeping in touch as it is! It won't all be head-in-the-books because I have loads of little jobs to do that I haven't got round to doing for months (putting up shelves, cleaning windows, moving my desk so that it faces the window &c.) and it would be nice to enjoy a bit of time off work (I haven't had leave since March.)

The good thing is that, when I've completed these two modules, I'll be halfway through my degree smiley - wow and I won't have to study again until after christmas smiley - biggrin. *And* I've booked a week off next month during which I'm going to see David Tenant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet at the RSC smiley - magic

The hard work starts on monday so, if I don't catch up with y'all for a while, I hope you keep well, stay smiley - cool and feel happy.

Van smiley - cheers

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Educational irony

I just noticed that the last topic on the study calendar for my Biological Psychology course is "Consciousness revisited"!

The course isn't *that* boring!! smiley - laugh

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