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NaJoPoMo 2016

Tu 1 Nov 2016

"The GMO Jungle"

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NaJoPoMo Nov 2015

Su 1 Nov 2015

h2g2 server down when I attempted to enter this Sunday.

Did some Halloween readings from Chapters 18 & 19 Robert E. Howards "The Hour of the Dragon" and Talbot Mundy's "Caves of Fear" Saturday.

Sunday, did little except get caught up on my h2g2 conversations and make a start on paying my bills and study my calendar for the month.

Medical appointment coming up Wednesday.

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F Oct 30 2015

I didn't write anything about it at the time, went into shock, am recovering now.

My Mom died Mon 31 Aug 2015 in her early 80s after a series of at least 5 heart attacks and least 7 strokes over the preceding 12 years, the last of my surviving antecedants gone.

I'd had sole care of her from June 2012 to Oct 2014.

May of 2014 she came to a pass where she was no longer able to care for herself adequately and had to be placed in a board and care facility.

October 2014 my sister and brother in law were able to take up some of the expense.

Over her last couple of years she wasn't quite in a vegetative state but was beginning to approach it, never quite completely awake or asleep and given to frequent but decreasing bouts of somnabulism.

During her active career she'd worked primarily as a nurse and is still well remembered locally on that account.

smiley - rosesmiley - peacedovesmiley - candle

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Wed 17 Jun 2015 Suburban Wildlife Report

Tied up the past couple of days installing new ac in the studio bedroom.

(Projected high for the day, 114F/46C, 110F/43C when I last checked at ~ 1:40pm.)

Its cooler already with new paneling over the window where the ac is to be installed and that should be up and running tonight or tomorrow morning.

Heard a coyote howling in the wilderness area around this housing development a few nights ago.

I've been getting daily visitations by a big black bumble bee, servicing the flowers around the front porch, also a monarch butterfly and a few smaller butterfly species I also raise caterpillar fodder for.

Regular daily visitations by the house fly catching red dragonfly.

Occasionally see the jackdaws patrolling the neighborhood.

A clutch of three coastal mocking bird fledglings have just moved in.

I'm putting out their water and their favorite cat food for them on the front porch.

The local troop of feral cats, having run out of pest birds (though kangaroo rat population continues unabated) has deserted the place, though I occasionally still see the matriarch of the troop across the street, keeping a neighbor's hemiplegic tom company.

Apparently, the feral cats simply prefer birds.

Saw a turkey vulture cruising the 'hood, including a vacant lot 3 doors down.

Two species of pest rabbits seen on the grounds, the native cottontail desert hare and a non-native blacktail hare illegally introduced from the central coast (San Luis Obispo) area) and they have been doing some damage.

'Bring them back alive' type trap out, no captures as yet.

Prickly pear cactus and a domestic cherry tomato still fruiting.

So long as the mocking birds are about, I'm going to let them help themselves.

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