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a different type of researcher

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hey radarhunnihawk,

i ran into your post on one of the guideline pages, and came over to see your space.smiley - cool i'm currently new to the site and studying it for a class called 'online communities.' i'm interested in your experiences and what the site means to you.

i'm in the US, but would love to hear from you. check out my home space to see more about what i'm doing here. smiley - blush

if you read about the project i'm working on and would like to contribute in any way, i would really appreciate it! drop me a message if you like.


a different type of researcher

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If your still looking for help on this then I would like to be involved, what would be the best way cos my net access is limited. my email is on here somewhere if that is more convinient for you. smiley - smiley

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a different type of researcher

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