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ace's welcome hmorgens!

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jaz'd(ace & yada yada *sigh* chocolate yada)

As an associate community editor here(or <./>ace</.&gtsmiley - winkeye, I've come by to welcome you and help you get settled. The introduction was much appreciated, thankyou for that. Next take some time going over my colleague Feisor's list of Hints and Links at A719840, as well as examining the various features in the process. Among the many items that Feisor mentions are our newspaper <./>thepost</.> and <./>askh2g2</.>. Of course there's much more to be discovered!

In fact further investigation will reveal numerous other points of interest. On a global scale you'll find the Researchers' Map at A5076614 and the Regional Researchers' Groups at A660313. And I suppose the h2g2 Living Earth Society(at A765263)addresses global/environmwntal concerns. In addition you'll find the h2g2 Debating Society at A643925, the Literary Society at U127122, the Random Quotes Guild at A907382 and-among other things-the Personal Space Workshop at A1123354.

Should you have any questions feel free to leave me a message. Simply use the 'Reply' button and I'll try to respond promptly, ok. smiley - cheers

ace's welcome hmorgens!

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Thank for your welcome -- and I do have some questions. I would like to submit all four of my entries for "Peer Review," but there seems to be a "box" I must fill out. What am I supposed to say? That I need feedback? That I want people to enjoy my entry? Basically, as they say of artists, I want to "live out loud" -- which means I want to share my thoughts with others. Thanks, in advance, for your help, and perhaps the problem is that I am new and impatient: perhaps my entries are in the peer review section but I am being too impatient?

ace's welcome hmorgens!

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hello HMorgens,

Welcome to Hootoo! smiley - ok

Jaz'd asked me to pop across and see if I could help you with the Edited Guide, so I will first of all leave a quote from my own ACE's Welcome message:

"H2G2 is a living, breathing guide to Life, the Universe and Everything. It's something YOU can take part in. You can write entries on all manner of subjects, and if it's something you think would look good in our Edited Guide (where all the best research goes), you can submit it to Peer Review. Take a look at the <./>writing-guidelines</.> for more information on that. smiley - smiley"

Having read your Guide Entries - which are very good - I would advise you put them into the <./>underguide</.>. This is less restrictive on style which I feel is very much a part of you.

Whichever 'box' you choose, researchers will come in to make comments and assist you in making your articles the best they can be. As for what to type in the box? Just say: "Hi, I'm new and would like to receive your comments."

I hope this helps smiley - ok

Merry Christmas!

lil xx

ace's welcome hmorgens!

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Please please could you tell me how to put my 4 essays into the UnderGuide. I have gone from link to link and cannot find anywhere how to actually submit my essays to it. Lots of giudelines (so that I agree with you, that is the better place for my stuff) but no explanation of what I actually have to do.

Please help,


ace's welcome hmorgens!

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hello Henry,

If you go back to your Entries, on each page, just below 'To Edit' you will see 'For Review'

Click on here, and scoll down. You will find a 'drop down' box asking you to make a choice of where you want to place your work.

In your case you need to double click on Alternative-Writing. Write a short paragraph ie "Hello I'm new, please be gentle with me" and then update. Your Entry will then be placed where reviewers for the Underguide can help and advise you further.

Good luck! smiley - ok

lil xx

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