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Mike A (snowblind)

My, this can't be right. This is the second 'new today' that I've got to before any ACEs. Something must be amiss.

ACEs are the nice people that say hello when you register. They give you some interesting articles to read and some nice forums to go to. That sort of thing.

We didn't have any of these when I registered. I got to where I am now by sherr bloody hearted determination. Hail Eric Clapton!


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Arthur Dent

Maybe it's not right! Maybe it's perfectly, not exactly, wrong!
I have a question. Yes I do. Maybe it's just my lack of daytime awakeness, but I thought I would be able to look at other peoples home pages, or am I sorely mistaken?
How is this achieved?
For some reason the logic center in my brain is stuck in 'flummoxed' (which is a few gears to the left of neutral) and I can't fathom it.
I can't even guess.
As for these ACE things; who, what where and a dollop of how? Never seen 'em

Arthur Dent. Sandwhichmaker, Sandwhichmakers Hut, Lamuella.


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Mike A (snowblind)

You can visit someone else's homepage by clicking on their name.
Go on, go click on mine now, and you'll see what I mean.

By the way, my name isn't normally 'Cat's Squirrel'. There's an explananation to why I changed it on my homepage. Normally I'm known as 'Mike A'.

The ACEs are the people that turn up when you register, and give you a few nice pointers to where you can go to have a good time. An interesting coversation or an article, 4 example.

I'll let my mate say something now:

"Yo Yo what up I do ya a deal on some kinky mice pictures if ya want, Ya know the sort that turn ya on if ya know what I mean."

Mike says: I accept no responability for him!

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