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today i am feeling quite good.I think it may be just cause i am insane and stuff. or perhaps i had too much sugar and need to calm down a bit. well heres my newest rant.

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After viewing my previous entries it occurred to me that those previous entries were quite immature and petty.
However, Chad will still die.
I am quite upset, it seems my brother's pet rat, Sabrina, is going to die soon. She is sick, and not breathing well at all. As a fellow rat, I grieve for her.
I think I need to be less depressed, but I am not sure what to do.
I am starting to irritate myself beyond belief, and I cant just walk away from myself, i have to be around me all the time.
owell. cheers.

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tra la la

there shall be cookies for everyone, buh huh huh huh huh!!!!

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And how I could I forget...

The biggest dumbass ex of them all, even though we went out for only one day:


This little piece of sh-t is the biggest loser on the planet. I hope this kid wakes and sees what a total immature dumb-ss he really is. I hope that he suffers and I am glad that he was practically begging to be friends wiht me again and I totally blew him off.

He will suffer, oh yes, he will.

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