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December 04 / Jan 05 update

Okay, so i've been a bit busy lately and neglecting all my h2g2 friends.

The whole family went to Bali for xmas including Debs parents,sister and brother in law. We stayed in 2 very flash villas, one near Ubud and one in Seminyak. The cocktail hour started at 5.43 pm and let me tell you; nannies are a wonderful thing!

Thankfully not affected by the Tsunami and we were a bit late finding out about it due to the lack of newspapers and tv.

Came back early January and i have been working on getting everything organised re my impending purchase of the Carlisle Castle Hotel, which is also my local and has hosted a number of Sydney h2g2meets. There have been numerous hickups along the way (don't talk to me about the idiots working in some of our banks smiley - grr) but we are hopefully almost there now.

Oh yeah, and there was a birthday in there somewhere as well and the Big Day Out once again. Gotta love the Hives, but i also stumbled across a group called Polyphonic Spree who were fantastic (and not usually my type of music either).

So, thats about it really

smiley - cheers

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Searching for ideas

I have a conference in Darwin next week (i can feel a smiley - hangover coming on.

On the wednesday night some genius has decided to have a 70s spy themed night.

Given it is a bit hot to be wearing a tux up there ( i can still drink the martinissmiley - winkeye) i'm wondering if any of you clever people can come up with a good idea for a costume.

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Musical Taste

Rebecca can now sing along to various White Stripes, Dandy Warhols and Queens of the Stone Age songs smiley - cool. Not bad for someone under 3 years old

I mustn't be that bad a parent after all...

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Brick through computer screen time

Is anyone else out there having problems with 'service unavailable' messages all the time smiley - grr

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Good Riddance to 2002

Last year sucked. Well okay the end of 2001 sucked as well.

One of my rugby mates (25 years old) died suddenly of cancer in mid December 2001. Then my dad died between xmas and new year.

2002 - One of Debs friends went for a job with the air force and at the medical they found out she had cancer. She is now days / weeks away from dying.

Deb then thought she better have a check up only to find suspected cancer in her breast. Thankfully it was okay after they operated on her.

Debs sister then went for a checkup as well. She did have cancer and finishes her last kemo session soon.

Granny almost died from a stroke and grandpa is getting Alzheimers. Debs dad was also in hospital a few times.

There was more, but that should give you an idea as to why 2002 won't be missed.

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