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Back again!

Gosh ... tootle off to the magic land of Oz for barely two weeks - and some previous slackness and this whole site is now a whole new experience - all these weird looking buttons and whole new forums... gosh but lots to catch up on with h2g2!!!
Definitely got some catching up to do....catch ya all around smiley - smiley

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Tee hee I'm back again

Well it was a holiday in more ways than one .. been very, very slack but intend to make up for it - back at work and back with a beloved ISDN connection which may help actually getting near h2g2 catch ya all soon smiley - smileysmiley - smiley Oh yes and my son made the under 10yrs soccer reps for Marlborough - yippee for him smiley - smiley but many extra hours on a sideline for me - such is parenthood ! smiley - smiley

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So - 4 weeks leave and I swear I am busier than ever . Spring cleaning in Autumn !! The best yet is having time to do some website building so for all you who wonder what an illiterate, a copy of an HTML building programme and some absolutely inspiring stuff from Monsy can do - check out
Ahh... next stop a spring clean of my home page and some long overdue subbing...smiley - smiley

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Liberation !

I thought and thought ...for oh.. about 5 minutes ..and decided that I'm just going to have to give that Business management course away and delegate as much as I can to get back to the truely interesting things in life like family and gardens and making things smiley - smiley
And if nothing else..cracking this Approved Entry thingey ! smiley - smiley

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Whizz kids be damned running red hot on the helpdesk as the techo wunderkins managed to drop a server - without telling anyone - then restart it forgetting the tape drive so it seized...or at least that's the current story. What is it about technical computer brilliance that banishes commonsense? This is on top of last week's fiasco with the techos building a brand new firewall that randomly sent requests to the disaster recovery server - which hasn't been bought yet- and then installing it forgetting the fact that half the requests are disappearing into the ether..... smiley - sadface
Aren't computers just wonderful little things....the problem is they are still connected to and by people.
Or maybe that is what needs to be remembered by those whose realities are often only goes on....

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