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Science and Mathematics education

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I think that teachers should be allowed to use their professional skills in teaching these subjects and making them more fun and accessible.

This may deviate from what is required to pass the exam.

I also think that education should instil into children wonderment of the universe and a desire to find out. Also that children to think and appreciate that education is a part of your life for the rest of your life.

So Kiteman, what do you think? Do you agree with me?

Science and Mathematics education

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That's a pretty good approach.

There are skills needed as well, that are no longer taught, like how to change a plug without killing yourself, or cook a meal without poisoning your family.

Science and Mathematics education

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How can this be achieved?

I think one skill is that schools do not teach how to find out things that you do not know and appreciate the fact that you learn the most from you own errors.

Now the antidote:

BTW - My father was an self employed electrician. My brother (that refused to help my father at work) got the question on the colours for cables wrong! He did get a ripping for that.

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Science and Mathematics education

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