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Danger looms ahead for me!

Stuck in the middle of the truly senseless and hopelessly bizarre Indian education system, there is little hope for me in the coming months, at least until March! At the moment I must study like a dog, preparing for the Std 10 Board Exams ahead. Of course, the fact that after them I get a 3 month long holiday is great consolation. Unfortunately, all my relatives and family friends expect me to figure in the list of top students in Maharashtra state( they simply call it the Merit List, but I prefer to call it, the List of Extremely Overworked Fools), and there's a whole lot of pressure on me! So,until March, Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!

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The Martial Arts of Hatta Katta

It begins on an island somewhere out there in the deep reaches of the Pacific(in your laundry, if you prefer), where the inhabitants of the Banana Republic of Hatta Katta have just finished honing their martial arts to perfection. Knowing my interest in things martial, they told me all about it, and, as far as I can understand, it consists of running around your opponent in circles, preferably screaming like a lunatic all the while. This won't exactly have the usual effect of breaking his arm in twelve places, but your opponent will either lose his hearing, lose his sanity, or lose consciousness.(Yeah, I know, there's a lot of losing here, the guy who told me all this lost his lunch!)
My advice is, stick to karate!

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