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The problem with making journal entries is that they go on and on down the page and eventually take up so much room that people get bored scrolling down and never get to the really interesting stuff -which is the articles. Is there some way old entries can be deleted? If not - why not?

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A Good Read!!!!

I have just read An Equal Music by Vikram Seth and I recommend it to anyone in touch with their soul. This is a deeply satisfying read!

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Back again!

Singapore is an amazing place, but very expensive when one is earning Malaysian Ringit (exchange rate more than two to one!). The Raffles hotel has a museum containing Raffles memorabilia, which I found enchanting - especially the literay references to the hotel written by Noel Coward, Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kiplin (although the later exhorted people to 'eat at Raffles but sleep at the Hotel de l'Europa' as the beds were better).

We did drink Singapore Slings in the Long bar and found them very more-ish. It would be very easy to become legless. Although the hotel has been renovated since the early days, we found it enchanting, definitely somewhere to go again.

The main shopping drag - Orchard Road - is overwhelming.

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Journal Entry

I am off to explore Singapore tomorrow. On my 'must do' list is a gin sling at Raffles. I return on Wednesday, so I will be off line until then - unless I can find a friendly cybercafe in the City State.

I intend to be 'at home' for Christmas, but New Year will be spent in KL, watching the fireworks under the twin towers as in the film Entrapment (starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones) - although I don't think I will be swinging from one tower to the other - but you never know!

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