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Don't Panic

I'm just slipping out to lunch.

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Latest reply: Apr 4, 2006

Guess I should have listened

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It is hard when there is some emmotion you want to express yet knowing that doing so is breaking a promise you made to hold off.

But I'll have to do so, no matter how tempting the top of the Scott monument looked yesterday.

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Latest reply: Mar 31, 2006

Sad Songs Say So Much

The other night I was hammering away at my laptop transferred some of my poems unto the computer so I can start doing a little editing of them with the possible end goal of getting them published.

There was nothing great on tele so I stuck on Chicago's greatest hits on the stereo. Just as Hard to Say I'm Sorry came on I ended up with a poem I wrote 3 1/2 years ago which seemed to express similar emmotions to waht I was feeling just the other week. Obviously they didn't get quite as bad. At least I don't remember them being so anyway.

I just feel sorry for my new computer at times I think I might have to buy it a sou'wester.

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Poetic Inspiration

Last night I ended up crying onto my new laptop, sadly not attached up to t'internet yet. The reason was one of the most gut wrenching, soul searching, heart aching poems I've had to write for a long time.

The only thing is that the poet in me knows there are plenty more just like that welling up inside me at the moment so I may well have an entire volume ready before I know it if I carry on at this rate. I have to admit after a short while of having to revert back to a pen the joy of being able to type away again was a great relieve. However, I also do enjoy looking through my old manuscripts of poems that have gone before they show the poets thought process searching for a rhyme or scan.

At least one thing I found out over the weekend is that the cd drive does appear to be working on the machine. I didn't hink it was maybe this is a fault with the disc I tried in it first.

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