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Was playing football yesterday, first game in four years. Lost none of the touch or speed. Was still causing problems from left back.

Set up 2 our our teams 5 goals, beautiful through balls. Anyway today I'm hurting all over especially my right leg, the opposition found the only way to stop me was to bring me down. Speed merchant in every sport at least this century.

So the UK is completely Y2K compliant, except for those credit card readers yesterday, I'm so glad I didn't take up any of those plastic offers before I saw how it would all pan out. It'll be fun watching the 28 hours of Millenium Eve broadcasting now especially the bug updates, hope we're all able to contribute stuff in two days time.

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Coloured bowls

It's official the Irish Bowls Association are allowin us all to use our coloured bowls.

Team colours here we come. It'll be the shirts next.

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In work but no work!!!

Happy Chrismas or Holidays everyone.

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Tommorow and then I'm off for my first long weekend, Hooray!!!

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Lawn Bowls

Probably the most famous games of bowls was played at Plymouth by Sir Francis Drake before taking on the Spanish Armada. Legend says he had to complete the game before he went to war.

Bowls is misconcieved as an Old Mans' game whereas today more and more young people are taking part, and at the top level the competitors are by in large under 40. The old men are just able to be seen playing all day in the summer months.

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