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Yikes I forgot to say

On the 17th I've been lurking about here in the dark of the basement, next to the cupboard, with the sign saying beware of the Leopard on the door for six years. Please don't tell the management they are after me about my expences claims for the articles I have written for the Guide.

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Latest reply: Dec 22, 2006

Well I'm almost there

The last week or so and the next few days were always going to be hard for me.

At this tme of year 6 years ago I let someone know that I had fallen in love with them. Fortunately they fell in love with me too. However, Thursday of last week also marked hte anniversary of the day that suddenly out of hte blue she told me it was over between us. So the memory of both the happiest and the toughest times of my relationship with here have been strangely intermingled and intwined over the last few days.

The last year has been a tough one to get through both emotionally and physically (I've had one or two health scares) however the last week has been a real roller coaster.

Many of my friends have told me I'll get over her, or that I should try harder to get over her. Some people have said I've had a lucky escape or that I'm better off out of it. However, all I can say is I can't get over her even when I have tried, and while on the outside things may look better I remember what it was like on the inside.

I'm just glad I'm still hear. I'm just glad that though my heart was whipped out it has not forgoten how to love. But while that love may be sent somewhere some think it has no right to be sent it still feels right an proper for me.

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Thanks For All Fish

Seven little fishes for seven years of Hootoo.

smiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fishsmiley - fish

smiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cake

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Who am I

Damn that Will Young.

The lyrics of his current song 'Who am I' are exactly the things I'm thinking at the moment.

So of course that song is rattling around in my head all day every day.

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Suddenly Ageing

They say that man can go grey overnight.

I thought I was one of the furtunate ones especially in relation to my younger brother. Who is considerable greyer than me while being 2 years younger.

OK so I spotted my first grey hair at the age of 20 but over the last 16 years the advancement of this has gone faiurly unnoticed. However, when I starred in the mirror this morning I noticed that the sides of my hair were considerably greyer than a month ago and horror of horrors my stubble was so grey that it now looks like I'm going to have to shave daily to avoid looking to have aged so much.

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