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Things can only get....

....well on 2 May 1997 Labour were elected and Tony Blair became Prime Minister with their campaign song was D;Ream's 'Things can only get Better' well ten years later I know my hearing that song over and over at about 7 AM was a sham, things didn't get better for the vast majority.

Bringing in the unelected Gordon Brown to replace him, who most of his colleagues seems to realise has a dark side, yet most signed his nomination papers (is he the Charlie of the Big Westminster House) isn't going to impress me much. Especially has he has already shown his underhandedness by going behind a rival leaders back and word to seek to be cross-party in flavour.

A week is a long time in politics but 10 years is an Eon.

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Eddy was doing the counting

Well it looks like the Scottish Office and Scottish Executive employed Eddy the shipboard computer to do the counting for yesterday's elections. For hours we watched the ballot papers going into the scanner and then we waited and waited for a result to be churned out the other end. We'll go back at midday to find out what exactly happened, the count that is not with the computer.

We're pretty sure we didn't upset Eddy while trying to leave the hall without wrapping up warm, so Lothian Police are looking for the eejit who asked the counting computer to make a cup of tea. smiley - winkeye

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First Again

Did my usual thing on this sort of day (F77636?thread=4114167) got up, got out and got there first. At least I know the leader in one box as of 7:04am.

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Farewell Dad 1942-2007

At 8:20 last night (6 February) my father passed on. At this time I was still flying back home. But I was prompted to look out the window as we were flying over Belfast and looked down and located the Knock By-Pass where the Marie Curie centre he was taken to yesterday is located. The time I looked out was roughly the time he passed on.

He went very swiftly in the end. But he was spared a lot of pain that had come his way in the last 24 hours. On Monday he had walked into the hospital for a check up with the Oncologist he walked into the hospital unaided. When the Doc saw him she said she would have to admit him but there were no beds at the Ulster Hospital but she got him a referral to the wonderful unit at the Marie Curie Centre.

I had a feeling as I looked out that that was it. I had prayed 'Lord if your will heal him. Or if it's your will let him survive long enough for me, his cousin from Derry and his sister from England to get back to him. But if the pain is going to be to much relieve him of it as best you can.'

I guess the latter was the will of God.

I love you Dad. God bless.

smiley - rose

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55 years

On this day in 1952 George VI died and his young daughter ascended to the throne. She has now been Queen Elizabeth II for just over a year less than her father was alive. A sobering thought.

Charles is now older than the last two British Kings were when their reigns ended and after the 17 January next year should he inherit the crown he will have surpassed Edward VII but not yet reached William IVs age as the oldest person to inherit the throne.

However, should the Queen still be reigning on Fri, 20, September 2013 Charles will equal the age that William IV sucessed his brother. For the record our queen will be 87years and 132 days on that day a mere 14 years younger than her mother at her death.

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