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By one reckoning of the Top 100 bloggers I have snuck into the top 100 on the Wikio charts. These are measured my links through on a month to month basis so it is based on how many other's find what you write important enough to link too. So I am quite impressed to have reached up to this level.

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Latest reply: Apr 5, 2009

Ok this ain't my fault

Ok you may already now I didn't vote for him. I also haven't plotted against him.

In fact TBH all my public comments since he took over have been nothing but complimentary but ho hum here we go again. Tales of intrigue, back stabbing, plots et al, and yet again I'm in a position of trying to find someone I can trust to take the party onwards.

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Latest reply: Oct 16, 2007

You can tell your in a job too long

When on the day you have an interview for a promotion they award you with a 5 year service award once you come out of the interview. The fact that the award is actually a Number of months late shows that you definitely have been in the job too long.

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Latest reply: Sep 26, 2007

New System Day 1

Well today was the roll out of a new data capture system at work.

FC would be very glad she didn't get me giving an earful about our trainer who remembered I needed the training with barely enough time in the day to do it. And then me not liking the style of the presentation as it was a monotonous pre-recorded over dub of screens with no, well little, interaction. She would have agreed two and a half hours of that is not the best way for me even though only midly dyslexic would have been able to learn. And to say I was drained last night is to put it mildly.

Well today experienced my third change of system working here and this is definitely the most non data taker friendly of the bunch. All the automated updates we fought for in the last two systems have been replaced. It is far to complex to do anything with any great alacrity or ease of function. Some screens are so congested it is unreal.

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Emmotional Healing

I know I've posted about this elsewhere but thought I might just let my regular journal readers know as well.

Almost two years after the sudden ending of the longest and happiest relationship in my live I'm about to go on my first first date in almost 7 years. I know my lucky boxers I wore on that occasion are now consigned to the dust bin as they became far too holey. So I guess I'm just gonna have to rely on the return of the DD banter and wit which has taken a severe knock in recent years. I guess that's not a bad thing to have to rely on as that is the thing that has led to this momentous date on Saturday in the first place.

I'll keep you informed....

...possibly smiley - winkeye

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