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A Deepened Heart

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

Friends! It is with a deepened heart I write this post.

On the evening of Friday 22nd April, my son did a foolish thing and it has resulted in him severely breaking two bones in his neck. He was rushed to Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield where the extent of his injury was found. at the outset, he was only able to move his arms at the shoulders slightly. He has very little to no feelings in his arms/hands legs at the moment. As of yesterday, he can now straighten his arms as before, they were in (as the doctor said) the classic chicken wing position. At Wakefield, they did x-rays but then transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where during Friday night he had a CT scan to check his spine and Yesterday afternoon he had a MRI for a more detailed look see. the two broken bones are bad ones, as one is from front to back, he has (at this moment)badly bruised his spinal cord and in parts its swollen and the extent of any damage to it is not fully known yet. The prognosis is as follows:- They can not operate on his neck now, as anything they do could result in making matters worse. The doctors have said! it could take months! before the conditions are right for them to operate. They want to stabilise his body and for the swellings to go and this is the months time factor. He could remain at Leeds for another week or slightly longer and then he will be transferred back to Wakefield to the spinal recovery unit there and will remain there (horizontally)for the long and hopefully road to "full" recovery.

Due to times etc of travelling to and throe to the hospitals, you'll understand that I'll hardly be in hootoo for the foreseeable future.

I put special note here,to my friend MS (and others at the same time), that our "late" night natters will also have to go on hold, as I now can't hold late night log-ins for a while.
If I am unable to bring updates, my most worthy and close friend Lil will assume that role for me.

Back to my son, he was at a barbecue with various friends and work colleagues and of course drink was flowing, the gist of what happened is:- there was a 3ft deep children's paddling pool there and the group were throwing each other into it (as you do) except! that my son apparently climbed on to a 3ft high fence to jump in and thereby somehow hitting head first and knocking himself out cold, his friends dragged him our, as he was underwater and then as he failed to get up and ambulance was called.
I was notified by a Wakefield hospital sister about 11.10pm and as I'd only just got in myself from my Buffalo Lodge night,I initially said that if I came through there would be nothing I could do and the sister replied no! until we get examinations done, so I told her I'll be there in the morning. My son had asked them to phone me and his girlfriend and around 12.45am I received a phone call from his girlfriends mother, they had gone there via a taxi (as her mam had had a couple of drinks whilst out)after they told me the extent of his injury, I called my sister and after finding petrol station came and picked me up and got me there. I travelled with my son in the ambulance to Leeds and my sister told Katie and her mother home (it turns out, that my sister and her mam knew each other from a adult learning maths course that my sister (teacher/tutor)was err! the teacher of).

I had approx 1 hours kip Friday night and then stayed at my sons bedside until Saturday afternoon, when Katie and her mam came, her mam then drove me home and then returned to Leeds for her daughter, I shot into town so I could get a phone top-up and then home for a bite to eat and "kip" which during Katie's mam phoned me and informed me of the latest developments, my sister returned and I was back there by 8.00pm, my "kip" lasted 90 minutes, but enough to recharge the batteries. We now have to abide by the visiting times which are 2pm till 4pm and 6pm till 8pm.

As I've said, my time now on hootoo is curtailed somewhat (and not by choice)

it's hard to smile BUT! I can't think negative about a worst case scenario of spinal damage and well! you know that what that outcome implies.

Also, emails might take a little time in being answered, so bear with me that way as well please

back whenever I can - Prof

A Deepened Heart

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Take your time, love... Your friends are willing to wait smiley - smoochsmiley - cuddle

lil x

A Deepened Heart

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You just forget about us Prof, though we wont forget you get this sortrd out and just let us know how things are when you can.
There is excellent hope that things will put themselves right, if he is as tough as you there will be no problem.
Just keep going we will all be thinking of you old friend

A Deepened Heart

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Post Team

Oh my god, Prof, what a nasty shock. smiley - sadface

I've often been grateful that nothing bad ever came of all the foolish things we did when we were young. I'm so terribly sorry your son was not so lucky. I wish him all the best. smiley - goodluck

Bel, with smiley - thepost hat on at the moment.

A Deepened Heart

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Prof, very sorry to hear this! My wishes and prayers go with you and your son.


A Deepened Heart

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Deary me, Prof. I hope and pray your son makes a full recovery. I'll get a healing angel on the job toot suite.

smiley - hugand don't worry about us, you can trust the lovely Lil to keep us informed, smiley - cuddle all round, and smiley - cheerup

smiley - smooch

smiley - galaxysmiley - diva

A Deepened Heart

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smiley - hugsmiley - hug

It makes my petty family squabbles seem worthless now.
My thoughts and prayers are with you now.

smiley - peacedovesmiley - rose

A Deepened Heart

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Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

You do what ever is neccessary Prof, Family comes first, anything you need just ask smiley - cuddle

A Deepened Heart

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Do what Reefgirl said, Prof. Take all the time you want for all the rest and help you may need - but don't forget us altogether.

Altho I don't know him, send your son my love from me - and lots and lots of love to both of you. Don't forget he's Yorkshire!
Yours for everything coming out for the best,


A Deepened Heart

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Merely a number


In sympathy with you, on that road to "full" recovery.

smiley - hug

M a n

A Deepened Heart

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Prof, we've been praying since we first heard the news.

I'm glad to hear that the medical people seem to have a plan. Even though it sounds like there's a long, rough road ahead, I know you've got the strength for it, because you never give up. Your son is lucky to have you there by his side to see him through.

All the best, my friend. smiley - hug

A Deepened Heart

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Thinking of you all, take care xxx

A Deepened Heart

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

re - post 8 reefgirl's

to all my friends!

I have family heresmiley - smileyTHANK YOU for being a part of it

Sunday 24th
Went to see him this afternoon, he's more chirpier, he is able to move his arms more down his side as he couldn't before. He knows which digits your "stroking" on his left hand, right hand so so. He can in some parts, say whereabouts he's being touched on his legs, but not many yet - early days of course.

It's going to be a long haul, but like me, he isn't a defeatist (NOT that I'd let himsmiley - winkeyeof course)
Like many of my friends here, my son knows that I don't do negative and that is one thought I'll keep out of his mindsmiley - smiley

catch you latersmiley - hug

A Deepened Heart

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

smiley - hugsmiley - hug to all your family, Prof. I feel sorry that your lad will be laid up for so long. Does he usually listen to any type of music for instance? Maybe an MP3 player would make the time pass faster for him.

A Deepened Heart

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Prof, so sorry to hear the news. However, I have positive vibes that if he has even a shred of his Dad's guts he will pull through and be ok. The latest update sounds promising and we are all rooting for him, you too.

smiley - love Big hug to you and him from me and Nigel.

Websailor smiley - dragon

A Deepened Heart

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Taff Agent of kaos

smiley - goodluck to both of you prof

keeping your seat warm in the sportsmanssmiley - stiffdrink

there if you need ussmiley - stout

smiley - bat

A Deepened Heart

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Prof: I'm so sorry to read this smiley - sadface All the very best to your son for a full recovery. And all the very best to you ... stay strong and lean on family/friends whenever you need to.
smiley - hug


A Deepened Heart

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and

Mon 25th
found out via a neighbour/friend that a free shuttle bus service runs from Ponte' A & E to Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield, starting at 3.15pm to about 7.15pm ?? I will be able to use this service when they transfer my son back there to the spinal recovery unit.
Saves my sister trying to fit running me about between her work times etc and or many bus journeys, as it would be a 2 bus ride there and same back of course.

Plus! For an unspecified amount of time, I have a close hootoo friend inform me that he will travel up and stay each weekend and therefore transport me to see my son - words cannot express my gratitude smiley - smiley

Don't ever knock hootoo, real, honest and true friends anywhere, are hard to find, I've found many heresmiley - magic

A Deepened Heart

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Pierce The Pirate ~ out of Hotblack Desiato mode again ~

So sorry to hear about the accident, one of my worst nightmares, having three children meself

But somewhat pleased to hear about progress. Since there is still swelling it is very uplifting to hear what he is already capable of at this early stage. Reason to be optimistic, I believe

smiley - goodluck to him and all that he holds dear

smiley - pirate

A Deepened Heart

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Dear Prof smiley - cuddle What a terribly shocking thing to happen. I send all my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. As others have said, you have such strength and bravery - I expect your son will have the same fortitude.

smiley - cheerupsmiley - smooch

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