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One of my entries was approved today! My entry on wine! Yay! This feels so great smiley - smiley This is the happiest day of my life... well, not really. And I'd like to thank my mom, and my dad, and my brother, and my sister, and all the little people... and my little dog, Kiwi...

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I went to party today. Wore some new Versace pants, too smiley - smiley It was formal, for a 'QuinceaƱera' (equivalent of the American Sweet Sixteen, I think). That party was formerly used to introduce the girl to society. Illegally drank a Cuba (rum with coke) and became very simple. It is annoying to laugh at everything, you know, and out of place since I am usually very serious when there are many people. I did have fun laughing at my friends that drank too much... too bad they didn't get drunk. My first journal entry smiley - smiley

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