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French easel broken again.

Will not purchase Windsor&Newton products again.

Threw the b*****d out the door.

Let the f****r rot.

Maybe I'll use it as kindling.

Maybe I'll smash it to pieces in the morning.

Eat s**t and die W&N............smiley - sadface

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Well, we drove 3 hours to the Norman Rockwell Museum today. When we payed for our tickets the old lady at the counter says, "Just so that you know...a few of the paintings are on tour."

So we walked through the museum. All four rooms of it.

As it turned out "a few" evidently meant aproximately one hundred. Most of the paintings were done when Rockwell was suffering from senility. They were horrible.

The secondary exhibit was of Rockwell Kent's work. Aside from a few good engravings done for an edition of Moby Dick, there was little of value. His paintings were weak. He had little concern for composition and barely any concept of how to use color. This wasn't art.

I will add The Norman Rockwell Museum to my ever growing list of Galleries to avoid.

It cost me nine dollars to enter. I spent less than five minutes there.

Rockwell was over-rated anyhow.

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I am plagued by mosquitoes!!!!

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Finally bought a scanner this morning......of course, in keeping with the tradition of all electronic products I purchase, something goes wrong. The Damn Software Wont Work!!!!! "BAD DISC" MY ASS!!!!!! [email protected]#$!

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Latest reply: Jun 27, 2000

quit smokin this week

It's not that tough you weenies!

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Latest reply: May 10, 2000

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