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smiley - sadface

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Latest reply: Sep 18, 2000


Well, STUDIO iX seems to be shaping up. I've finished mari-rae and almost done with Marv and Gwennie' portraits.

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Where is my painting? They took it down without notifying me. If it is damaged heads will roll.

They could have at least replaced it with something good. If I have to look at another sea-scape I may have to burn my eyes out.

The art scene here on Cape Cod consists of one thing. Beaches and sea-gulls. Blue and white. Evidently no other colors exist. Almost every Cape "artist"(*sniff sniff*...can you smell the sarcasm?) seems to think that Edward Hopper was the only painter there ever was. Hopper was good but he had little understanding of color. Enough of this.

I'm tired of what I see here. I'm tired of these people constantly regurgitating while I'm trying to scramble eggs.

Give me something new. Something original. Am I the only one here trying to create something new?

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Latest reply: Sep 8, 2000

Almost over

Three more days and my summer comes to an end!smiley - tongueout

No more headaches for at least two weeks.

I'll finally get to move back home and get back to work at my easel.

Hmmm. I wonder if I'll need to pick up a roll of canvas? Better get some anyway.

The countdown begins....

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This post has been removed.

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