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Some additional info for the time travel article

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PhysicsMan (11 - 3 + 29 + 5 = 42)

Hi SilverSolstice,

I've got a little entry on time travel. In many respects, it is simillar to the entry you edited on this subject. However, I feal that there is information in my entry that is not in the edited one, and the edited one would be more complete with some of the information from mine. My entry is titled Time Travel: The posibilities and consequences. It is located at If you decide to use information from it, please email me about this. Thank you for your time.


Some additional info for the time travel article

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After entries are approved (or edited, I should say now), they're out of the sub-editors' hands, so I'm the wrong person to tell about this. You ought to inform Anna or Ashley, or go through the peer review process - the articles will be combined either way. Contacting the editors would probably be the fastest route, but I tend not to bother them unless I absolutely have to, as they are busy enough already. And I agree, your entry does contain information that the edited version needs to contain. Best of luck with this and other entries you may write in the future. smiley - smiley


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Some additional info for the time travel article

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