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Happy Birthday

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The Jester (P. S. of Village Idiots, Muse of Comedians, Keeper of Jokes, Chef and Seraph of Bad Jokes) LUG @ A458228

Hippo birdy, Deano


JOTD: All that glitters has a high refractive index.

Happy Birthday

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Zak T Duck

*Pulls out a smiley - cake and puts 20 candles in it*

Happy birthday dear. Apologies I can't come out to play tonight, but you know my reasons. Next time don't have your bithday so close to exams smiley - winkeye

Happy Birthday

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Deano (Keeper of lemonade)

Thanks. At least you made the effort, unlike some. I've not checked my uni account for e-mails yet because I'm still at home. I want to make sure that this person hasn't left a message there explaining why they didn't come before I completely fly off the handle. Grr. Not happy about that smiley - sadface. The rest of my birthday was good though smiley - smiley. Hooray! I've escaped the teenage years and the stereotypes that come with them smiley - smiley.

Happy Birthday

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Congratulations on the last "big-O" you will ever *not* be allowed to wallow in self-pity! If you don't know what I mean, wait till you turn 30...40...smiley - winkeye
smiley - cakesmiley - giftsmiley - rosesmiley - smoochsmiley - biggrin
Have a great decade of twenties, dear Deanosmiley - winkeye

Happy Birthday

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Deano (Keeper of lemonade)

Cheers hon smiley - winkeye!

Happy Birthday

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

From my reckoning, Deano is 21 today!!!!!

smiley - bubbly

Congratulations dear Keeper of Lemonade!smiley - smooch

smiley - gift
smiley - cake
smiley - rose

Happy Birthday

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Saint Patrick Patron Saint of Depression: Here to haunt your dreams and stalk your waking hours

smiley - biggrin Happy Birthday smiley - giftsmiley - cakesmiley - hug

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